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General Questions

What countries do you offer school admission services for?

We provide school admission services for students seeking education in the US, UK, Canada, and Finland.

Can you assist with admissions to universities and colleges in these countries?

Yes, we offer assistance for admissions to various educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and schools.

How do you help students select the right educational institution?

Our experienced counselors provide guidance on selecting institutions that match students' academic goals and preferences.

Do you offer support for visa applications as part of your services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive visa guidance and support to streamline the application process.

Is Studying Abroad a good decision?

If you are planning to study abroad, you should do it, because it opens you up to new opportunities, new people, and lets you experience other cultures. Studying abroad also makes it easy for you to travel internationally without many problems from immigration.

Can I Study Abroad

Yes, you can. However, there are certain requirements and eligibility criteria stipulated by several universities and scholarship bodies before you can study abroad.

I'm below 18, can I still study abroad?

Yes, you can. If you are below 18 your parent or guardian will have to write a letter indicating that they are aware you are going abroad for studies and are the ones funding your studies.

Why should I even study abroad?

There are so many great reasons to go abroad, and it comes with numerous benefits.

The most important reason to study abroad is the access to a world class education that comes with the first-world nations, popularly called western countries.

No matter how we try to paint it, the curriculum of our third-world nations is outdated and cannot match the sophistications and novelty that the westerns bring.

You will also return home as a global citizen who is more independent, mature, and tolerant of cultural differences.

Admission Process

What is the step-by-step process for students seeking admission through your services?

We assist students with school selection, application preparation, visa documentation, accommodation arrangements, and pre-departure orientation.

Are there specific requirements for admission into schools in these countries?

We provide guidance on financial planning and assist students in identifying scholarship opportunities.

How do you ensure a smooth transition for students moving abroad for education?

We offer assistance with travel arrangements, airport pickups, and settling into accommodation for a hassle-free transition.

What are the documents needed to study abroad?
  • SSCE Results (Certificate and Statement of Results)
  • BSc Certificate or Statement of Results (For Postgraduates)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • International Passport
  • Reference Letter (Work and Academic)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • GRE/GMAT or TOEFL/IELTs (Differs from Schools)
Are the universities safe for international students

Universities have standard safety measures in place to protect both international and domestic students. Just adhere to them and you will be fine.

What should I consider while choosing a university to study in?

Find out that the university is international students-friendly, is located at a good area, has housing for students within their vicinity, offers scholarship opportunities, is affordable, has courses with prominent career opportunities, has work placement programs, and offers students visa to study at their school.

What do schools look for in international students?

Schools usually look for students who show a personal or professional interest in a course and are passionate about it, students who have a solid reason for wanting to study in the university. Your reason could be because of the university’s ranking or facilities provided to students.

Where can I find the admission requirements for the course I want to study

On the school website, visit their courses or programs section, once you see their list of courses, click on the course you want, there you want will find the admission requirements.

Medical Travel

Why do you specialize in medical travel to Turkey?

urkey is renowned for its world-class healthcare facilities, and we aim to provide access to these facilities for international patients.

How do you determine the most suitable treatment options for patients?

Our medical experts assess patients' health conditions and recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

Can you assist with organizing complex medical procedures, such as surgeries or organ transplants?

Yes, we have experience in coordinating complex medical procedures, including surgeries and organ transplants.

What types of medical specialties and procedures are available through your services?

We provide access to a wide range of medical specialties and procedures, from general healthcare to specialized treatments.

What does your medical travel service package include?

Our medical travel services cover hospital and doctor recommendations, treatment package options, travel and accommodation arrangements, visa and insurance guidance, and post-treatment support.

Do you assist with post-operative care and follow-up appointments?

Yes, we help patients with post-operative care and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Can you provide information on the cost of medical treatments and travel expenses?

We offer detailed cost breakdowns and assist with financial planning for medical treatments and travel expenses.

How do you prioritize patient safety and well-being during medical travel?

Patient safety is our top priority. We work with reputable medical facilities that adhere to international safety standards and protocols.

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