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1) We recommend a minimum of 2 schools and 4 courses selection. Select the 2 schools you want to pursue above and the 4 courses from the list of courses below. REPLY to this email with your choices and attach your CV and first degree Certificates (HND or Bachelors) for Verification.

2) If you are not eligible for any selected course, we will advise you accordingly with alternatives. Admission application fees for each school is a minimum of $100. . Service fee is 100,000 naira.

3) Once you have an offer of admission, the institution will require you to pay the Tuition deposit as stated in your offer letter. After which we can proceed to Student Visa application.

4) Note that for the Student Visa applications, applicable fees will be determined by the family size and previous Visa application history, if any.

Answers to Common Questions:


1) Student Visa holders are eligible to work while studying

2) You are eligible to apply for Post graduation work permit after your program. Duration of permit is 2 or 3 years

3) Dependents Visa application can be filed After the Student Visa has been granted

4) Students will be required to provide Bank Statements to show proof of funds for their Study and Dependent Visa application. Minimum funds expected for a Canada Study permit is N20 Million

Test of English is not required for Nigerian

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